The Black Fire Lectures

Series IV 

         Jacqui Katona                                   Prof. John Maynard                           Kimberley Kruger

Law and Disorder

Wednesday 4th November

Jacqui Katona continues her surgical dissection of the Australian legal system and examines how it all functions to disempower and incarcerate Aboriginal peoples. 

Fight for Liberty and Freedom

Thursday 5th November

Prof. John Maynard reflects an aspect of Australian history that for a long period of time was missed, overlooked, forgotten and erased. His talk will take us back nearly one hundred years as he reveals that the first demand for a national land rights agenda, genuine self-determination and that Aboriginal people themselves be placed in charge of Aboriginal affairs began with the rise 96 years ago of the first united all Aboriginal political organization the Australian Aboriginal Progressive Association (AAPA).

Contemporary White Supremacy

Friday 6th November

How notions of white supremacy linger to this day and the clear evidence of it all around us 

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